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Paige Cherrington is a Maine based educator, artist, and curator. She holds a BA in both Studio Art and Global Studies from the University of Vermont, and she is currently pursuing her Masters of Art in Teaching at the Maine College of Art and Design. Paige has worked in the education, exhibition, and event departments of several arts organizations throughout PA and VT. She is passionate about sustainability and accessibility in the arts as well as always having fun.

Paige's work explores nostalgia, memory, and place through combining layers, colors, and textures. Working primarily in printmaking, collage, and clay, she aims to create cohesive compositions that are playful, eccentric, and evocative. Her work is fueled by experimentation, breaking the rules, and her desire to document and remember. She would like you to know that this website is a work in progress and always will be. 


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Photos by her lovely and talented friend, Pachy Banks-Cabral. 

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